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No Known Cure…

It is vitally important to exhaust every resource, to explore every avenue to help find a cure for Batten Disease. It is a very rare genetic neurological degenerative brain disease which strikes infants and children. There is no known cure….yet. But there is HOPE. Please take a moment to learn about and donate. All proceeds go directly to find the cure.

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Thank you for partnering with me to support these good causes listed above! You and I can make a difference!

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No Road Support Crew…

In 2011, Noah ran with a support chase truck hauling water, food and extra clothing. This year in an effort to bring more attention to curing Batten Disease, Noah is running solo across the U.S. with no support crew and must rely on resources along the way to supply food, water, shoes, and clothing for the run.

You and I Can Make a Difference.

I appreciate your support with any of the donation options listed above. With your donation to help, you become a partner in helping me with valuable resources required to complete the “Run Coast 2 Coast” effort. Together, You and I can make a difference in finding a cure for Batten Disease.

More people have climbed Mount Everest
than have run across America.

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If you do not have a company and would like to support my run, you can still support my run in valuable ways. Please buy me a cup of coffee, a pair of shoes, a meal, a t-shirt, or even a simple cash donation to cover incidentals along the way. CLICK HERE to help.

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Please be a patron to these sponsors. I am grateful for their support. I do not have a job or income during my run so every penny helps! Please visit their websites, view their products, and feel free to thank them for sponsoring me by using their contact form.


3,100 Miles, 9 Mountain Ranges, 3 Deserts, 14 States, 105 Days,

15 Pairs of Shoes, and Eating 6,000 – 9,000 Calories Per Day


In the 2011 Run-For-Research, Noah Coughlan became the 222nd to ever accomplish running across the United States from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.


Raising awareness for Batten Disease was accomplished.

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Reunion with Annie Allio- Inspiration behind both Runs Across America

This morning, less than 24 hours after finally arriving home, I surprised Annie Allio and her parents Joe and Kathy Allio at Trinity Baptist Church in my hometown Vacaville, CA. click here- YouTube Video with Annie Catie and Annie Allio were my inspiration for running the USA twice to help the Batten Disease Awareness Cause. […]

11/23/13 – I’m going Home

I’m going home back to Vacaville, CA for the first time since July. Approx. 4 months away. Sitting in the airport, I find myself asking, “Did I accomplish the task at hand? Yes. I am content with the all that happened and the completion of the RunCoast2Coast. I did everything physically possible. Batten Disease Awareness […]

Noah is completing his 2013 Run-Coast-2-Coast without crew support from Half Moon Bay, CA to Boston, MA.

3,100 miles are dedicated to finding a cure for Batten Disease

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