Stocking stuffers for your runner friends!

Looking for some inspiration for Christmas gifts? 

I can't deny it, some of the gear associated with our sport can be expensive! Here are a few of my favorite things that I wouldn't mind finding in my stocking on Christmas morning, everything is $30 or less. 


Dr Teals Epsom Salts!

I lost count of how many bags I went through during marathon training or when I suffered the dreaded plantar fasciitis!! Magnesium Sulfate is the ingredient that soothes your aching muscles and with 2 cups needed in the bath you get through them quickly. They make many different scents, and I've tried a few, but ginger and clay is my favorite. They leave you and your bathroom smelling just yummy. (Also can't wait to try the new body lotion......hint hint!)

Why not go all out and add a bath pillow and cute timer to complete the package? 20 minutes is all thats needed and it's the perfect time to reflect on all the miles being logged. 

epsom salts.jpeg
run fast eat slow.jpeg

Run Fast Eat Slow

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen me mention this book before. I can honestly say it opened my eyes about my approach to fueling my training. The book not only gives you recipes packed full of goodness but talks to the concept of 'indulgent nourishment' - we shouldn't have to feel deprived in order to eat well and look after our bodies. When you run hard you need real food jam packed full of nutrients not a quick fix fad diet or magic shake. This book tells you how to get there, it's educational too - don't just read the recipes....oh yeah and one of the authors is Shalane Flanagan who just won the NYC marathon. Pretty cool. 


Mojo Socks

They give you's true. 

These socks are amazing; they're the only compression gear I have found that I like, that works for me and that fits the wallet. They come in so many cute colors and they make everything; socks, sleeves, short socks etc. Amazing for recovery and also for plane rides to destination races!

mojo socks.jpg


This is a bit risky for me because I haven't tried this but I do want one! I have tried others and found nothing that works for me which means I usually end running without a phone.......not that cool. The design of this is very different from anything else out there, the wide fit and stretchy material hints towards snug fit which really appeals. You can also get accessories that add onto the belt including water bottles, lights and even attachments for your racing bib. 

flip belt.jpg

Momentum Jewelry

These came from the founder needing some inspiration while holding a plank! Everything is hand made in the USA and 5% of profits are donated to a few organizations that work with young people, including Girls on the Run. I have a wrist wrap that can be worn during exercise...its black, makes me feel kinda badass yet reminds me to TRUST THE PROCESS! They have many different inspiring and motivating quotes or the option to customize! Its a touching way to be able to 'run' with a friend even if you're not right there beside them. 

Rebecca Carrasco