New Beginnings

This has taken longer than anticipated for me to get's strange knowing where to start, so maybe I'll try a little about me and why I'm here and what I hope to offer. Here goes.

I'm here because over the last 5 years a change has taken place in my life and it happened so accidental I barely realized. I want to share that experience in the hope that it might be interesting, useful, funny even, dare I say, inspiring. That change was running, which a lot of us are doing these days, so what makes my story unique?

Not a whole lot. 

And I really do believe that, but I think that it's the best part! I'm not special or talented, just a regular woman that was trying to keep in shape then all of a sudden found my whole life transformed with the 'in shape' part now the furthest thing from my mind. That's just a happy consequence of everything else. 

I'm here to share my love of running and how it has shaped me into the strong, determined and focused woman I am today. I never imagined when I started this journey it would even become a journey or that it would be anything other than a way for me to be ok when I stepped on the scale. I can't remember the last time I weighed myself. 

I'm here because I love food! Food is life - it brings people together, gives us nourishment and fuels our bodies to be our best self. With our busy lives and all consuming society much of that has been lost. I write this sitting at one of the things I love most - my dining table. It's here that I share my evening meal with Jose every night, a ritual I truly treasure. This table has also played host to some memorable meals with friends and family. I'm going to be sharing recipes I love and tips on meal planning, things that work for me to fuel my runs and any new discoveries I might find! 

Finally I'm here to actually put into practice some of the claims mentioned above about being strong and determined. I've recently moved from New York city (insert huge heart emoji) to Seattle as Jose started a new job which meant me giving up mine. After several years in the corporate world I want more flexibility, fun and meaning from my day to day job and throwing myself open to new challenges. Switching pounding the pavements of NY and transitioning to a different kind of running and lifestyle! 

Almost RRCA certified and a dab hand in the kitchen contact me if you'd like more information on coaching services - whether virtually or something more hands on for the Seattle area - or if you need help with anything food related. Dinner party, kids birthdays etc!