Meet your coaches!


We have coaches based in Seattle and New York, but you don't need to be local to be part of our community! We will coach you wherever you through online logs and video guided strength training. Of course if you do live in New York City, Seattle or Tacoma our coaches offer 1:1 sessions. We're happy to work with you, wherever you are. We run coast to coast!!

Megan Johnson

Come to me to: Fall in love with running! I love introducing new runners to the sport.

Background: I have been a runner as long as I can remember but truly fell in love with it when I started middle school Cross Country. I ran Cross Country and Track all through high school and ran off and on through college. In November of 2013 I convinced my parents to start running at least one 5k per month with me (we’re still doing it!) and then in 2015 while preparing for my wedding I decided to start training for longer distances. Since then I have run 5 half marathons and am signed up for my first full. The running community inspires and pushes me every day; I get so much energy from connecting with other runners! Re-committing to running and training for longer distances has been the best decision ever!

Certifications: RRCA Level 1 (2017)

Mantra/philosophy: “run YOUR race”

Career Highlights: my first half marathon, becoming a Half Fanatic, any race with my parents to keep our one 5k per month streak going, organizing a 5k annually

Next race/next goal: completing a marathon in September!

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Rebecca Carrasco

Come to me to: Work on a time goal or add in new things like strength training and track workouts


I've always been a gym bunny but was convinced to sign up for a half marathon by my family in 2012. The racing terrified me but I loved the process of training. I was lucky enough to spend time living in New York City where I was an active member of Hellgate Road Runners, competing in club races with NYRR. I've since moved to East Side Seattle but returned to NYC to run the marathon in November 2017 where I placed 68th out of over 20,000 women! I've now raced quite a bit and worked with my coach to get to the starting line in good shape mentally and physically (for the most part - still learning). I've raced distances from the mile to the half but I love the longer distances. I have 8 half's under my belt, recently managing 7th female at RnR Seattle 2017 and 2nd Female at Bellingham Bay. I like to run fast and train hard but still have fun along the way. I've been injured - recovering from Plantar Fasciitis has taught me how to remain humble and pay attention to everything. Nutrition is a huge focus for me so you'll also see me share a lot about what I'm cooking and how I fuel my runs and recovery. 

Certifications: RRCA Level 1 (2017)

Mantra/philosophy: “run to run again”

Career Highlights: Running my first marathon in 2:59 and feeling strong throughout the 26.2!

Next race/next goal: Kirklands 12Ks of Christmas.....12K????

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Come to me to: Work out 1:1 in NYC, revamp the gym routine or work running into your training schedule. 

Background: I am energetic, enthusiastic and have a passion for helping others with their training and fitness goals. As an ACE certified personal trainer I’ll be guiding all of you through your strength training! I take pride in listening to my clients and making sure they get the workout thats right for them. The true Coast 2 Coast coach I have worked in California and New York where I currently live, spending time in Spain and Mexico along the way as I’m fluent in Spanish

As a young child, I was active in all types of dance and cheerleading. It wasn’t until my university years that I became interested in running. I have overcome many obstacles and injuries from broken bones, shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, back surgery and over/under training. My experience will help you avoid injury and navigate through if necessary. 

I have ran many 5Ks, 10Ks, Turkey trots, and the San Francisco marathon over the past years. I am always setting new goals and accomplishing them. From completing the San Francisco marathon to my most recent first cross fit event.

Certifications: ACE & Zumba (2011), Pilates (2014), Longevity & Wellness Specialist (2017)

Mantra/philosophy: Hit it!/ Dale caña! Give it your best and your all!

Career Highlights: Getting back into running and completing the San Francisco marathon after having back surgery.

Next race/next goal: Still thinking about this one: It may be completing a tough mudder or doing another cross fit event.

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